CBD for Pets
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CBD for Pets

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CBD Pet Chews
Our veterinarian-formulated canine soft chews provide a full spectrum profile of synergistic compounds naturally present in our zero-THC phytocannabinoid-rich organically grown hemp oil. Each soft chew is meat flavored and easy to digest. They can be used as a supplement. Specially formulated to help canines with pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, age-related issues, and overall health & wellness.
Dosage: 1mg for every 9 lbs of body weight. Each chew contains 2mg CBD.

CBD Pet Hemp Oil
Medicinal ESSENTIALS Phytocannabinoid CBD Oil is a safe and simple solution to separation anxiety, pain, inflammation, stress, and lameness or stable anxiety. Independent trials by veterinarians have found that many pets benefit from the low-dose CBD found in our domestically grown hemp. These plants have been cultivated to produce this hemp plant’s superior, diverse, and unique phytocannabinoid-rich full terpene profile.

Suggested Use:

Medicinal ESSENTIALS CBD oil is good for all pets, including dogs, cats, horses, & other animals, such as goats, sheep, swine, llamas, rabbits, and pocket pets. Dosing is administered according to their size and weight.
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